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Developing Creative Solutions To Help Meet Your Goals

We are dedicated to delivering excellent results. We will collaborate with you and customise our solutions to meet your current and future needs.



Course and Coaching Focus

Our courses focus on building ethics, accountability, and personal brand to enhance client service. We also ensure proficiencies such as communication, presentation delivery, and prioritisation.

These are elevated to create the agility and competitive edge that our island and global world requires. Our coaching revolves around helping clients set goals that will help increase personal efficiency, decrease stress, and improve their well-being.


Our experiential workshops and individual coaching sessions are based on best-practice instructional methods. We can deliver live, online and hybrid learning opportunities.

We want to help build competencies and action strategies for success. We aim for educational excellence, exceptional content delivery and successful programmes.



Each training and coaching component will provide a relevant resource that organisations can incorporate into existing programmes to:

• Attract, develop, and retain potential employees
• Help build a confident and qualified academic and workforce community
• Help individuals to be more efficient and feel more in control of their lives and time


Our Personalised Services

A. Facilitation of Workshops and Focus Groups

We use best practice instructional strategies and current research-based content to generate experiential, learning environments.

Our workshops empower and motivate participants to build competencies, stimulate strategies for professional success, and develop creative solutions to manifest their best selves.

We also use our technical skills under our content sphere of knowledge to facilitate workshops and focus groups for organisations. No matter the course, our facilitation methods will ensure educational excellence and successful programme delivery. We engage, empower, and transform.

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B. Customised Curriculum and Instructional Design

To help build a confident workforce community that strive for personal excellence, we create relevant programming and integrated skill building.

Our designed courses focus on building values such as ethics, accountability, and trust to enhance client service. We elevate proficiencies such as communication, resilience, self-management, presentation delivery, and prioritisation. We adapt our services as global changes require.

We can also work with you to specifically design a course that fits your needs. Whether the course is one of our general solutions or is a specific request, we collaborate with clients to develop and customise it according to the needs of the organisation.

All sessions delivered remotely use instructional strategies to ensure a high level of participant engagement, foster online discussion and critical thinking.

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C. Logistics and Management (Projects and Events)

At Organized Solutions Bermuda, we understand the myriad of details that revolve around events and know exactly what it takes to deliver an excellent product.

We will do the heavy lifting and undertake the logistical and technical planning to ensure success. Our objective is to liaise between our clients and vendors and communicate key information to ensure deliverables are met. We are the “project engine" that moves the event to successful completion and exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

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In addition:

  • We coordinate all vendor-technical requirements with venue
  • Clarify and confirm the agenda and format
  • Advise best practices to ensure organised and smooth running of event
  • Provide on-the-day on-site support for a smooth start and run of the event

D. Individual Coaching: Executive Functioning Skill Building

With increased academic rigor, activity involvement, and the constant pull of social media, today’s students can quickly become overwhelmed with multiple tasks. They feel as if they do not know where to start or how to complete what is needed. This can often lead to poor academic results, as students struggle to balance academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and personal tasks.

Through our group workshops and individualised coaching sessions, we help students recognise their strengths and challenge areas, as well as action strategies. The goal is to help them become more organised, work more independently, and feel a personal sense of achievement.

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We will empower students to:

  • Set, Action, and Achieve Goals
  • Plan and Prioritise
  • Organise Materials and Spaces
  • Build Self-Management and Mindfulness Skills
  • Improve Critical Thinking and Memory
  • Strengthen Study and Test-Taking Skills

E. Individual Coaching: Space Management Decluttering and Organising

We know how busy life gets and how quickly clutter can build up when we lack the time to tackle it.

Our objective is to collaborate with you in your personal spaces to provide hands-on service. We will help you declutter and create functional, free-flowing environments that provide great satisfaction and relief!

You can apply your enhanced organising skills to other areas including, electronic files, paper management, and life balance. We provide customised solutions for any residential space, including,

  • Home Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Child-Friendly Zones
  • Closets
  • Outside Storage Areas


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F. Individual Coaching: General Household Organization

We know that running a household requires lots of planning! Paying bills, booking health appointments, coordinating chores and schedules for work, school, health, extra-curricular activities—the list goes on and on!

Fortunately, we provide services to assist families with the prep work that cannot be done by technology. Our goal is to help you ease some of the stress caused by the never-ending chores and put systems in place to create more time for leisure, increase health, and save money!

We provide services to help with weekly planning for:

  • Food Prep (Washing, Chopping, and Storing Items for Easy Meals That Stretch)
  • Lunch Prep (Creating and Storing Healthy Lunches for Students)
  • Clothing Prep (School Uniforms and Sports Gear)
  • Managing Chores, Errands, Appointments, Bills

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Food Prep