Jodi Virgil: Educator. Facilitator. Professional Organizer. Coach

Jodi loves to collaborate, engage and empower her audiences.

Jodi’s gifts ensure that each curriculum development, workshop facilitation and or coaching interaction is customised. She loves to create experiential, transformative learning environments participants and clients.

Jodi’s purpose is to share relevant information to motivate participants to develop creative solutions to challenges faced. She encourages each person to manifest his or her best self while having fun at the same time!


Be a leader in training, facilitation, coaching, decluttering and organising industry; provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions; build relationships, empower clients to upskill in both their professional and personal lives; motivate clients transform their spaces and selves to achieve their goals.

Achievement 2


We will create relevant programming and integrated skill building to broaden and deepen skill sets. We will facilitate skill enhancement programmes to help participants improve professional and academic performance. We will help all clients to declutter and create organising systems that are functional and freeing.


Her foundation is built on 25 years of combined experience in Bermuda and the United States as a classroom and community educator, human resources, and talent development generalist.

Her earned qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts from Trent University in Canada and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Miami University in Ohio. She is also a LEARN Certified Online Instructor.

Spending her final university year studying in Ecuador was a life-changing experience because it provided her an opportunity to learn a new language, live in diverse communities, and truly embrace cultural nuances and participate in self-empowerment development projects.



Jodi’s work represents a collective synergy of professional experience, best practice strategies, and enthusiasm, which gives her the opportunity to connect with people, build relationships, and do what she loves each and every day.

To maintain life balance, Jodi enjoys exercising, eating healthy meals, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and capturing life’s moments through photos and video.

Little by little, she is also learning the “art of relaxation” (she has to work at it a lot!) by practicing meditation, watching documentaries and movies...without multitasking!