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OSB is a training and development Firm that offers personalized programmes for our clients. Our objective is to empower our clients to vision goals, enhance skill sets of every-day people and elevate thinking to transform spaces and selves to achieve satisfaction and success!

"We will help you transform from where you are to where you want to be”

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We use research-based content and best-practice instructional methods when facilitating our workshops

As higher education costs continue to surge, securing access to funding is vital. Researching and applying for scholarships is an undertaking that can be very overwhelming.

This experiential workshop provides participants with strategies to assist with searching and securing funding for further education. Participants will be introduced to strategies to project-manage the process and identify the personal values necessary to build their personal statement.

This three-hour participatory workshop will engage participants to:

  • Identify the available resources to uncover scholarships
  • Demonstrate the steps and strategies needed for successful application completion
  • Match strengths with experiences to develop a “personal brand” for essay framework

First impressions make the biggest impact. Recognising that we do not often get a second opportunity, employees have to capitalise on how best to initially present themselves and then follow with a dynamic professional conversation, in which skills and abilities are fully showcased.

Using interactive activities and skill building as a framework, this workshop provides participants with a guide to develop a powerful resume and improve the communication skills necessary for successful interviews.

This three-hour awareness workshop will engage participants to:

  • Identify main elements and best-practice resume formats to build a structured framework
  • Describe personal and professional experiences to present a robust brand
  • Demonstrate communication skills to positively influence interviews

To begin building impactful professional relationships, it is important to make a good first impression. Since second chances are rare, we must also learn the best way to present ourselves and find commonalities with others to form the basis of dynamic conversation.

With the help of reflective activities, simulated conversations, and self-assessment, participants are encouraged to draw upon their own experiences, identify their brand and use powerful communication skills to build successful professional relationships.

This three-hour, participatory workshop will engage participants to:

  • Identify strengths, values and growth points to showcase authentic personal brand
  • Craft a message to communicate their unique brand and engage others to do the same
  • Demonstrate powerful communication skills and practice active listening
  • Generate an opportunity list to practice skills to positively influence a conversation

Today’s current workplace requires employees to be accountable for their careers and exhibit leadership from wherever they sit, regardless of position or titles. We must identify our core values, actively showcase skills, and leverage personal brand to ensure high client delivery.

Taking ownership of work, communicating for success, employing everyday ethics, and recognising the rules of engagement are vital to that process and will help add value in every situation.

With self-reflection as one of the key frameworks, this workshop provides participants with strategies to build game-changing behaviour to ensure value for the organisation.

This three-hour participatory workshop will engage participants to:

  • Clarify personal values, strengths and opportunities to take responsibility for work
  • Identify personal communication patterns that retain relationships and resolve challenges
  • Describe how to leverage held skill sets to ensure workplace excellence
  • Correlate how individual accountability contributes to organisation-wide success

The current workplace requires employees to clearly identify goals, prioritise project tasks while balancing health and wellness activities to achieve maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Building a strong framework is essential to achieving balance, while enhancing personal and professional brand.

This experiential-based workshop provides employees with the awareness needed to achieve maximum productivity and life enjoyment.

This three-hour participatory workshop will engage participants to:

  • Recognise connections between personal values, productivity, health, and wellness
  • Prioritise effectively to action goals and balance responsibilities
  • Employ critical thinking to build personal resiliency and solve challenges
  • Assess the necessity of applying a positive, can-do attitude for success

Public speaking continues to take top positions on the list of human fears and phobias. Although the task may evoke massive fears, it is still vital that we develop the skills to communicate ideas with clarity, confidence, and evoke enjoyment for the audience and self.

Using guided practice as one of the frameworks, participants will gain awareness of how to identify and use best-practice presentation skills to ensure success.

This three-hour participatory workshop will engage participants to:

  • Use a presentation structure to plan, organise and deliver content
  • Identify communication practices that help and hinder progress
  • Practice verbal and non-verbal skills for powerful presentations
  • Use technical and cognitive skills to deliver a successful presentation

At various points in our lives, we are required to make decisions to action our values. It is vital that we operate under a banner of good ethics in order to showcase our best professional and personal selves.

With case studies as one of the bases, participants will gain an increased awareness of principled behaviour and recognise the connection between ethics, personal integrity and business growth.

This three-hour participatory workshop will engage participants to:

  • Discuss the guidelines of basic ethical principles and behaviour
  • Connect benefits of ethical conduct to work and life and identify how it can positively influence others
  • Identify characteristics, values and strategies needed to address ethical dilemmas

Clients are the lifeline of any organisation; they will either drive success or ensure failure. When sharing comments to the masses only involves a simple “click of a button”, it is essential to deliver a consistent level of service that exceeds expectations and creates a first-class experience for internal and external clients, to ensure satisfaction and provide mutual benefits.

This seminar provides participants with increased awareness of the connection between client satisfaction, elevated interpersonal skills, receiving feedback and personal contributions, with organisational and job success.

This three-hour participatory workshop will engage participants to:

  • Define and describe excellent service standards for internal and external clients
  • Demonstrate exceptional service standards and use feedback to course-correct
  • Correlate individual accountability with organisation-wide success

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