Meet Jodi

Jodi Virgil is a supreme professional who is passionate about providing information and transferring skills which empower clients to reach their goals.

As a former educator and human resources administrative professional, Jodi Virgil has attained over 15 years of professional experience in Bermuda and the United Sates.

At the inception of her career, she taught high school and middle school in the public education systems in Bermuda and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She later shifted her focus to deliver teen pregnancy-prevention programs in Chapel Hill as well as programs designed to raise awareness of sexual and domestic violence prevention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Organization as a living necessity was conceived when Jodi returned to Bermuda in July 2005, after spending nearly a decade in the United States. After experiencing the “downsizing phenomena”, Jodi knew that in order to make a smaller area work, she would have to effectively use every bit of available space for her items. Decluttering became second-nature and residential organizing was the first focus of the business.

It was also in 2005 that Jodi expanded her career to include the international business arena as a Human Resources Administrator and then later, Talent Development Program Manager. During this phase, Jodi experienced first-hand, how essential it was to create efficient business processes and align individual goals with team, department and Company objectives in order to ensure continued growth on the individual and business levels.

In 2012, Jodi officially launched Organized Solutions Bermuda, a Professional Organizing Company which specializes in collaborating with clients to create efficient and creative solutions to system challenges faced on a daily basis. The company represents the collective synergy of Jodi’s professional experience and enthusiasm and provides her with the opportunity to do what she loves each and every day – to provide education, support and system enhancements to individuals; transferring these skills to empower clients to reach their personal and professional goals in the most efficient manner.

Organized Solutions Bermuda is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

In her spare time, Jodi enjoys exercising, capturing life’s moments through photography and video, and spending time with family and friends.