About Us

About Organized Solutions Bermuda

Organized Solutions Bermuda is a Professional Organizing business, specializing in meeting personal, residential and business needs. We provide support in the following areas:
           •  Business Process Management
           •  Residential Space Enhancement
           •  Student and Personal Organizing
           •  Electronic and Paper Systemizing

When you select Organized Solutions Bermuda, you are choosing excellence. Along with your active participation, we will help you to develop your own goals, visions and action plans to ensure success. At every juncture, we encourage continuous feedback to constantly improve our customer service and provide excellent professional support.

We offer different package plans, depending on the kind of service you require. Your choice depends upon on your specific needs. In general, these package plans have similar components:

• Consultation Package: Organized Solutions Bermuda will conduct a telephone interview to gather initial information. We will follow up with a residential or office assessment, where we will view the space and gather information about the impending project and provide a written report of the professional ideas that were generated on the spot.

• Action Plan Package: If you enjoy completing projects on your own, but want help to get started, we will collaborate with you to determine the goals and visions you desire for a particular project and then jointly determine a plan that will work best. This blueprint will be yours to keep and you can then complete the project according to the timeframe that you have set out.

• Professional Support Package: If you prefer guided reinforcement, we can provide all of the services that an Action Plan provides, plus a 3-hour block of individual, hands-on time, where we will come to your space and work alongside you to complete a particular project. Additional, follow up hours can also be arranged.